About Us

W.G. Carpentry, LLC
W.G. Carpentry has been a custom builder of quality construction projects for over twenty years, enjoying the complexity of all types of jobs from new construction to remodeling, both residential and commercial.

Our emphasis is always on our clients and the visions they bring us, including their ideas for custom interior detail and furniture.

Licensed and insured in both Massachusetts and Connecticut, we have a long track record of reliability and excellent quality workmanship and materials.

Our work can be seen in restaurants, commercial buildings, homes and local business.

Kurt Johnson
With a passion for creating beautiful and functional buildings and interior detail for his clients, Kurt is the ideal designer/ builder to breathe life into your most cherished project, from new construction to remodeling, to the furniture inside.

More than a contractor, Kurt is constantly researching the newest information on construction technique, design, and architecture to ensure that his clients benefit from his extensive construction and mechanical knowledge. A problem that would baffle others is an opportunity for him to find a great solution for you.

Working with skilled and experienced craftsmen chosen specifically for the nature of each project, Kurt has completed the visions entrusted to him by his clients. Listening to your ideas, and applying his knowledge and creative problem solving skills, he will turn your ideas into reality.

Take your vision one step closer to actuality. Contact us today.