When the architect can’t find it, we build it. When the customer can’t see it, we draw it. When the general contractor needs it, we deliver it. If it doesn’t exist, we invent it.

And we love the challenge!

HOW WG Carpentry thinks about and defines a problem in order to produce a solution, is what separates WG Carpentry from other designers, builders and contractors. Within our firm and the way we work, exists the perfect atmosphere and brainstorming teamwork to overcome obstacles that others would find impossible to address.

We think outside the ordinary, and we build outside the ordinary, because we have the imagination to envision what seems impossible; and we have the practical experience and broad knowledge to make it real. And make it work.

Skilled with wood, plastic, metal, and other materials, we make custom windows, doors, hardware, light fixtures, cupolas, brackets‒even such unconventional objects as specialty gear for the fishing industry! WG Carpentry has also redesigned interior air supplies for recovery air in kitchens, and built pizza ovens.

When the promises from others fall through and the conversation stops, that's when WG carpentry steps in to solve your design challenges!

What is your construction challenge? Please upload a sketch or a description using our convenient contact form.